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  • Ski touring in Silver Star Provincial Park
  • Earning those Turns
  • The story of the lost wallet on BC Epic 2022
  • The Adversity Index
    When it comes to endurance events, people tend to think in order to do well, the most important thing is to be in top physical shape. Of course this is important, (especially if you are aiming for a spot on the podium), but I think, for the vast majority of ultra and endurance athletes, the […]
  • Funnest Known Time
    This is my mantra as I spend the next (?) days riding the @bcepic1000 route across British Columbia. This is a unsupported adventure with no aid stations, no prizes, no awards, just a bunch of self-powered humans making their way along 1060+km with all our own gear, supplies and “accommodations (aka tent or bivy). My mantra is […]