Run Every Road Vernon

Welcome to my running project for April 2019! What better way to get to know the awesome community I live in than run every single road there. I certainly am not the first one with this idea, inspiration from the was from Rickey Gates who ran every single street in San Fransisco last year!



Distance covered: 107 km of 282km total

Where have you run so far?

    Why are you doing this?

    What better way to get familiar with the place you live than run every road in it. Along the way I’ll post some hidden gems, interesting facts and some new discoveries

    How far is it?

    I will post the total distance on April 7th, 2019. While the amount of kilometers it not that high, Vernon is quite spread out ranging from The Foothills in the north to the resort area of Sparkling Hill and Predator Ridge in the south.

    Duplication of some sections will be inevitable, I estimate I’ll run 25% more than the actual road distance