Funnest Known Time

This is my mantra as I spend the next (?) days riding the @bcepic1000 route across British Columbia. This is a unsupported adventure with no aid stations, no prizes, no awards, just a bunch of self-powered humans making their way along 1060+km with all our own gear, supplies and “accommodations (aka tent or bivy).

My mantra is a play on the acronym FKT “Fastest Known Time” which is something the endurance world uses to track who has done a route the fastest. Now I’m not (currently) built for speed, so when thinking about my goals for this adventure, i came up with another metric: Fun, taking it all in and cherishing the adventure no matter what happens.

  • Funnest Known time:
  • Eat at the greasy spoons
  • Never turn down an opportunity for ice cream
  • Stop and talk to the animals
  • Say yes to the cafes along the way
  • Pet all the (good) dogs
  • Never leave an interesting conversation in the interest of time.
  • Treat unexpected problems (type 2 fun) as an opportunity to slow down rather than rush through.

I’ll post some pics along the way and if your into following dots, I’ll post the tracker before we depart Saturday morning.

This wouldn’t be possible without the support of @charsutt who is also wrangling all the furbabies while I’m out doing this thing.

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