A word on “Conquering Mountains”

A word about “Bagging peaks” and “Conquering summits” on #internationalmountainday

I explore mountains from of a place of curiosity, for the wilderness and what I can accomplish mentally and physically. But to me, those two terms above are on the wrong side of humility. We don’t conquer the mountains, rather it is the mountains themselves that grant us temporary permission to enter. The terms of entry and exit are entirely theirs. And as long as we know the rules and play by them, they allow us to return to our own domains. But the mountains are the ultimate deciders and have harsh penalties for overconfidence. 

I don’t say this out of a place of darkness or pessimism, rather as a reminder to shift our perspective to come from a place of humbleness and appreciation. The mountains can teach us so much more about ourselves when we arrive with humility about our significance in the world.

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